We Should Definitely Recognize Heroines and heroes of WWII By Cheryl Freier, writer/illustrator

Posted by cheryl - August 12th, 2017

About the informative article on Yahoo news about the heroine, Jane Haining:  there is no doubt in my mind that people like Jane Haining helped many children and people to survive who had no chance whatsoever to survive in such a bitter war that was driven by hate.  I am a novelist on historic period and my specialty is the Holocaust that happened in Slovakia.  Read my novels about the Freier family who survived the Nazi onslaught in Nazi Slovakia.  My website is:  www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com.  One of the books is called Anna’s Christmas:  Hidden Truth Poems.  Accordingly, my publisher has just informed me that the book can be made into a film—–information on this book is in their archives—-a producer or a director has to come forth and has to approach the publisher, Author House.  I for one would like to see this novel made into a film.  I am sure that many people would enjoy watching the story on film. It is an incredibly powerful story that is based on a true-to-life experience.  Cheryl Freier


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