About the Books

About The Grayling:

Joseph Freier was faced with a nightmare: how will he save his family from the deadly grips of the Nazi soldiers? Every day presents a new peril, and soon Joseph takes his family into the woods of Michoslovakia, Czechoslovakia.

They faced starvation, but Joseph had a lumber business; he and his sons knew all about the trees and their fruits. Joseph and his sons had gone fishing and they always enjoyed catching the grayling fish. The grayling fish came up to the surface closer than any other fish; and yet, when caught, it put up a bigger fight than any other fish; all fishermen loved to catch the grayling fish just to see the fighting spirit it had to defend itself.

It would become their symbol.

About The Wild Grasses:

The book, The Odyssey, is the story about my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and my husband’s older sister, Edith. They were taken from their home and put on a truck that was destined to the train station in Micholovce. The truck broke down, and the people were told that they would have to march to their destination, which was Auchwitz. The story tells of how Joseph plotted their escape. The story tells of how they escaped and how they hid in the caves of the Tatra Mountains. The story also tells of where they went in the mountains and who they met. The story is based on a true story. It is a unique and powerful story as well as captivating, intriguing, and interesting to read.

About Blossoms Around The Circles:

This is a powerful and poignant book, which is so special in its entirety. It specifically tells what the victim is thinking as he is developing a new life and progressing as the blossoms do on the flowers on the circle of life.

About The Day of the Hidden Truth Poems: In Memoriam To Martin Freier::

Originally written to express heartfelt interest in her husband, Martin's, struggle for survival as a young man in Nazi Slovakia, each of Freier’s books evolved into a mystical expression of fear, hope, and inspiration.

About The Shepherd Boy and The Sheep Alphabet:

This two-part book is a celebration of both faith and learning; the first book discusses King David and the Psalms, while the second book teaches the names of the many, many sheep around the world.

About Anna’s Christmas –Hidden Truth Poems

The Second World War is raging in Slovakia. The hostilities and the armed warfare are heightened to a fever’s pitch. The Nazis are coming to select all of the remaining Jews living in Micholovce. Joseph Freier tells Anna and their four sons and daughter that they must escape immediately to the woods near Slovakia. This happens in August of 1944. They escape to the woods and travel deep into the woods. When they feel that they are safe, they build an underground bunker. Joseph was able to make arrangements with his former foreman, and they know that there will be deliveries of food. It is December of 1944, and the weather has been colder than in past years, and the Germans are in the area. Anna waits everyday for the weekly food delivery. On this particular day, she prayed to G-d and asked him to save her family and her from starvation. She hears the sounds of voices in the woods. She thinks that she is hearing things, but she soon realizes that people are out in the woods singing. At this moment, she didn’t care if the people were Nazis or not; she simply had to have food. She called out. No one heard her. She moved toward the sound of the voices and called out again and again. A horse that was in the front of a sleigh heard her calls. The horse’s driver looked in the same direction and saw Anna. He came over to Anna with two other men. They were people from the nearby village. A priest had organized the people of the town to bake cakes and cook turkeys and bring other foods to the people in the woods, who were starving. It was Christmas night, and Anna had enough food to last for three weeks. Anna always remembered the goodness of the people of the town. Not only was she nourished and her family nourished, but their spirits for living and in trusting people was renewed.

About The Morning's Glory

This book, The Morning’s Glory: The Light utilizes many forms of creative art to depict the central theme of the book, which is that G-d has punished King Solomon by not allowing the spirits of these 100 people to go to rest. Young George travels through a unique labyrinth of unique mazes of mushrooms with his illustrious three friends to solve the riddle by giving the one word answer to the question. George solves the riddle but has to hurry to escape from the collapsing building. He escapes with the help of his three friends the gray bird, and the butterfly with four wings, and the rabbit, and with the help of the genie, who has helped him to find the forgotten castle of King Solomon. Visit with George vicariously through the enchanted land of wizards and genies into the land of King Solomon. Feel the excitement and enchantment as the reader bridges the gap between real and unreal and as the connections between the past and the present are made for the reader. Absolutely captivating!

About Open The Gates In Jerusalem For The Queen of Sheba

This storybook Open Up The Gates To Jerusalem For The Queen Of Sheba is a delightful story, which recreates the two mystical, Biblical characters, the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon in a very delightful, titillating way and is designed to appeal to young children. The story line flows from the introduction of the main characters to the Biblical historical time that the two meet in Jerusalem. The story continues with easy to read text and self-defining illustrations. When the story ends, the reader will have learned about the trip across the desert in Africa to the City of Jerusalem. The reader would have viewed memorable details of the City of Jerusalem at that particular time in history. In the end of the story, the reader is made to understand that there is the perpetuity of The Ark. The Ark will be forever placed in the land of Sheba’s kingdom and the Hebrew religion has won over a whole country of converts.

About The Shepherd Boy and The Sheep Alphabet

Part I: The Shepherd Boy – synopsis

King David is known by everyone and is revered for his reverence and complete trust in the LORD and for his Psalms. Reading his Psalms is so inspiring to us all---most likely because the Psalms are expressions of his inner-most thoughts. It is particularly enlightening to know that he was able to overcome childhood antagonism and bullying by delving deep into his own thoughts, and maintaining his faith in the Lord, and by reading the Bible. G-d was so impressed with his caring for animals that G-d chose David to be the second King of Israel. It was possible for a shepherd boy to gain the trust of G-d and his people and become a king.

Part II: The Sheep Alphabet – synopsis

This exceptional alphabet book teaches us the names of the many, many sheep in the world and in our own country. It is most fascinating to realize that sheep come in different shapes and colors from all over the world. It is memorable to realize that sheep came in different sizes and shapes back in the days when King David was a shepherd.

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