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New Book Immortalizes WWII Struggle Through Poetry
Cheryl Freier’s “The Grayling” combines history with emotional depth
NATICK, Mass. – Drawing on the tone of resistance novels, author Cheryl Freier has collected the poems in “The Grayling: Hidden Truths: Poems By Martin Freier(published by AuthorHouse). Her book immortalizes those who escaped the Nazis in the mountains and forests of Slovakia during World War II. Without regular food and water, they sustained themselves on the grayling fish, adopting it as their symbol of survival.

From “A Place Called Home”:

Near a fountain or in a bed
where you can fall asleep.
In your hart when you feel
In a place you love to eat.
In a castle of Spain.
On the highest mountain
where there's snow, but no
or in the plain.

“What would you have done if you were faced with a war that brought soldiers to your doorstep to displace you from you home and business, and family, and place of worship?” Freier asks. “If you were in a war that defied all reason and law, a war that was generated from the minds of psychopaths who were capable of taking over country after country until they took over the entire world?”

About the Author
Cheryl Freier can hop on the train and be in Boston in 20 minutes. It is the culture of the Boston that has inspired her to maintain optimum literacy and to become a published author. She has been a preschool teacher. She has two adult daughters.


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