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As for the Nazi insignia that was posted early this morning on Yahoo, in my opinion the configuration of the design depicts precisely the population of tense, robotic, twisted, uncontrolled animal-like persons that they were.  My husband was a young boy in Nazi Slovakia and he survived the war with his family, because they were lucky and they did whatever was possible to survive the war.  Read the six novels on his experiences in Nazi Slovakia.  The names of the books are:  The Grayling, The Wild Grasses, Blossoms Around The Circles, The Day of the Hidden Truth Poems, Echoes Resounding from the Past, and Anna’s Christmas.  All the books tell the powerful story of their survival.  To purchase the books, go to any online store, or order from Author House, or order from the local library.  Cheryl Freier is an author and an illustrator.  Her website is www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com.  Thank you.



The Coming To Terms That The Nazis Had Conquered Their Country Was Quite An Ordeal by Cheryl Freier

Posted by cheryl - June 14th, 2017

The coming to terms with the reality that the Nazis had conquered their country is told by Cheryl Freier in the six novels that she wrote on her husband’s story when he was a young boy n Nazi Slovakia.  The six novels are presented on her website:  www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com and she is working hard on a seventh novel.  The first novel that she wrote was called The Grayling Hidden Truth poems.com.  Cheryl’s books can be obtained by ordering from a library, from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from the publisher’s website:  Author House.



A Special Christmas in Slovakia

Posted by cheryl - June 13th, 2017

During World War II, a young family in Slovakia, the Freier family stood up to the challenge of surviving the Nazis.  There were many escapes and they were all miracles.  In the last year of the war, the family hid in a bunker that was built under the ground in the woods of the Tatra Mountains.  One of the novels, Anna’s Christmas, is the story of how the family survived in the harsh winter of 1944 and about how they received the gift of food on the night before Christmas.  All of the books are engaging, moving, and most powerful.  All of the novels make excellent reading for young adult readers and for older adults as well. Author House sponsors the books, and you may find them also on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and you may order the books on author Cheryl Freier’s website:  www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com, or order from the local library.  Cheryl Freier


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The Storybooks The Morning’s Glory The Light is the story of a young boy who explores and find the answer to a riddle

Posted by cheryl - June 9th, 2017

The storybook The Morning’s Glory The Light is a delight story about a young boy who travels with his three friends and finds a lost city and solves a riddle and then returns home.  Delightful to read to children.  Cheryl Freier author/illustrator


Looking Forward Into The Future To Help Others And Looking Back At The Past When Living Was Most Troubled, written by Cheryl Freier, author and illustrator

Posted by cheryl - January 21st, 2014

Looking Forward Into The Future And Looking Back At The Past, written by Cheryl Freier, author and illustrator


I attended a local lecture recently, which was given by Dr Jack Leitner, M.D. on his recent trip toEcuador.  My first thoughts were, “How thrilling to be a part of a new frontier”.  Yes, the doctor and all of the others who tended to patients for their stay of time are the new frontiersmen.  They are helping people who live in desolate areas of the world by diagnosing, preventing, and using modern medicines and techniques to help these indigenous people.  I am amazed at the total story, which started with a plane ride over theAndesMountains, up into the air and higher up several thousands of feet, and the setting up useable medical equipment in an area that had no previous medical equipment, medical facilities, or even sanitary plumbing conditions. 


As I left the lecture, I remembered thinking that my husband, Martin, was exposed to these same ‘primitive’ conditions during WWII.  He and his family survived, but a key to their survival was treating the situation as the ‘primitive situation’ as it was.  They carved their own fishing poles and fished the waters of theSlovakianMountains.  They made fire the same way as primitive people had done centuries before, by rubbing two twigs.


I am happy to hear of an effort of a reversal of difficult life trends and the use of modern medicines to help some of these less fortunate people.  To learn more about my husband’s miraculous story of survival, read:  The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems, The Wild Grasses Hidden Truth Poems, The Day Of The Hidden Truth Poems:  In Memoriam To Martin Freier, and Blossoms Around The Circles Hidden Truth Poems.  Why not live the life of a character vicariously?   Cheryl Freier is the author of these novels, which are listed on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, and with the publisher, Author House.


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