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Author House Hollywood Treatment Screenplay of The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems
Page 6
For dinner. While feasting on potatoes and venison, Sam tells Jonah about his father’s lumber business and his family’s current predicament. Jonah frowns deeply, but says nothing about it. As it begins to get dark, Sam thanks them for their hospitality and excuses himself saying he must return home. Jonah gives Sam some cookies fdor his journey. Sarah peeks out of the kitchen as Sam heads home.
Sam enters the small cave empty handed. Anna questions the dact that he rished all day and caught nothing. He shamefully apologizes and says he hopes to have better luck tomorrow. When Sam leaces to gather wood, Anna instructs Martin to follow his brother tomorrow. The following morning, Sam heads straight to the lake, with Martin secretly in tow. Martin watches in amazement as Sam teaches Sarah to fish. At the cave, Martin blurts out that Sam has found a girlfriend. Anna steps back, frowning worriedly.
As he and Sarah fish, Sam notices a flash of light across the lake. “What is that?” he asks. Sarah informs him that it is just Molly sunbathing. Sam rises suddenly, grabbing Sarah by the arm; he tells her that they must go. A lumbering, gray cloud blocks out the sun. Molly stands and brushes off her clothes. She folds a piece of cardboard, fashioned wth tin foil, and heads up the hill. A gunshot rings out and a bullet grazes Molly’s head. Molly falters, stunned and shaking, as nine SOLDIERS close in around her, demanding to know where she is from. Her purple lips cannot answer. A soldier slaps he5r. As she falls too the ground, her hand brushes against his rifle. Instinctively, he fires. Confusion and disbelief cloud Molly’s expression as she glances at her blood soaked clothes. She turns her eyes up. The last things she sees are the indifferent faces or the men who’ve murdered her. The soldiers follow a path to Sarah’s house. Their rifle butts crash through the front door, revealing Jonah and Rachel hovering together. Jonah gently moves Rachel behind him. He holds up a hand and opens his mouth, but he has no words for them. The soldiers open fire, brutally cutting them down.
Sam and Sarah hear the shots long before they reach the house. Sarah tries to run, but Sam pulls her back. He tells her not to go. She struggles, crying that she must go to her family. Sam pins her to the ground and tells her that she ust be quiet. Sam holds tight as she pummels him until she is out of strength. Sam loosens his hold. Looking him in the eye, Sarah screams out. As he lunges for her, she screams out again, louder and louder. He lets her go and she runs off screaming for her mother. Sam bows his head, resigned. He flinches as three shots are heard. Sarah lies lifeless on the shore.
Sam hides under a bramble bush, shaking with fear. As the barking of dogs grows louder, Sam grabs the berries and begins rubbing them all over himself. The crackle of leaves grows louder as the barking draws closer. A dog emerges, sniffing the air.


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