What Is Going To Happen To the Number of Jaguars and Tigers and Other Big Cats for thde near future?

Posted by cheryl - February 7th, 2014

What Of The Survival Of The Jaguar

Written by Cheryl Freier, Author of:

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The jaguar is one of the ‘great big cats’ in the world.   (National Geographic, December, 2011)  In ancient times, during the height of the Aztec dynasty and also the Maya dynasty, the jaguar was revered as a god.  It was at that time the most powerful predator in all ofCentral America.


Research suggests that the number of the most feared big cats like the jaguar, lion, clouded leopard, tiger, cheetah, and others is dwindling.  According to the writer of this magazine article, George B. Schaller, vice-president of Pantera, ‘…the number of big cats in an area has to do with the number of prey in the area.  In the midst of many trees in large forests, it is difficult to track the big cats.  Scientists lack supporting data;  for example, there has never been a census taken of the jaguars in the Amazon basin, nor of the snow leopards in various ranges ofCentral Asia.”  Saving the ‘big cats’ is a challenge that we will undoubtedly face in the next generations to come. 


To conclude, my thoughts are that saving endangered animals is definitely a worthwhile cause.  Saving any peoples is definitely a worthwhile cause.  Nazism proponents during WWII wanted to make a whole group of people, the Hebrews extinct.  They almost succeeded.  Let us pray for peace in the hearts of all men.  For reading on actual experiences during WWII, please access my website:  www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems, and you will find novels based on a true survival story.  Cheryl Freier   



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