Martin Freier Wrote Poems That Reflected His Thoughts About Surviving The Holocaust

Posted by cheryl - July 24th, 2015

Martin Freier Wrote Strong Words That Were Full Of Energy In His Poems
Martin Freier was a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust in Slovakia. He wrote one book of poetry, The Day Of The Hidden Truth Poems. He wrote words in his poetry that were powerful, full of meaning, strong words that were full of energy.
From the poem, “Hate”, comes forth the words: “Like a brush fire
That never ends, ‘hate’ just spreads
Throughout the neighborhood,
Though it does little good.
In its wake, hate keeps burning,
Always churning,
And using everything that is good
For fodder and food.
Fanned by the winds from the Northeast,
Hate breeds hate
Among those that are blessed
And those that are cursed by fate…….”


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