Exciting News-the book, Echoes Resounding From The Past Is Listed on Good Reads Written by Cheryl Freier

Posted by cheryl - July 1st, 2015

Exciting Marketing News on the Book, Echoes Resounding From The Past Hidden Truth Poems
Written by the author, Cheryl Freier
It is with great excitement that I share with you readers that my book, Echoes Resounding From the Past Hidden Truth Poems is now listed on Good Reads website. This book is a book of many stories, which tells of the triumph against innumerable, inestimable odds.
It was during the war in Europe in the year 1943 and even though the Nazis had been bribed to stop their collection and deportation of Jews in Slovakia, there were scattered collections of Jews whom the Nazis felt were part of the resistance in Slovakia and against them. Joseph Freier knew that the Germans would come soon to Slovakia to collect the Jews. He devised a plan whereby he would stay with his wife and his daughter in the house. He arranged to have his four sons sent off to live in the back of a barn on a large farm in a nearby village.
Echoes Resounding is also the story of two people who meet and fall in love by chance. Is their chance meeting really by chance or was it a meeting that was meant to be? Each of these two persons had once lived in Brooklyn, New York. One, Martin Freier had survived the war in Europe. Cheryl, his bride to be, had grown up on a farm in New Jersey. Each had lived for a while in Brooklyn, New York. This is a powerful story that expresses the common denominator of Brooklyn, New York to its essence. Brooklyn, New York was special. And in historical annals, it had never been captured by the British in the history of the United States in the war of independence.
Read Echoes Resounding From The Past Hidden Truth Poems for an enjoyable, enriching experience. It is truly a memorable reading experience.


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