Anna’s Christmas Hidden Truth Poems Is A Thrilling Story of Survival In War Torn Slovakia During Christmas of 1944

Posted by cheryl - October 28th, 2015

Anna’s Christmas Hidden Truth Poems by Cheryl Freier tells the story about a young family who lived in Slovakia when the Nazis took over Slovakia. Their story is based on a true-to-life experience. In the book, there are historical facts included. On page 40 the reader learns that “Hitler had plans to be the ruler of a vast empire”. …..”He would live in a magnificent castle, which was built so high that from the distance it looked like the castle was entering the sky…..” Read on. It is a thrilling book of survival.


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Anna’s Christmas Hidden Truth Poems Is the Perfect Book To Purchase For the Holiday Season

Posted by cheryl - October 25th, 2015

In Anna’s Christmas Hidden Truth Poems, Anna travels with the angels and meets people who are resisting the Nazis. …..The angels steered the cloud straight and into a westerly direction…..Anna at first was a little afraid about going to the Westerly direction towards Bratislava……” Read and enjoy this delightful story for the Christmas time. Written by Cheryl Freier website: www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com


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