Reflections On The New Chief Rabbi Of England And Wales And About Other Chief Rabbis From The Past

Posted by cheryl - September 8th, 2013


Reflections On The Newly Appointed Chief Rabbi in England and in Wales

By Cheryl Freier (author of The Day Of The Hidden Truth Poems)


With the coming of the Jewish New Year, the timing is perfect for a new Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis to take over the position vacated by his predecessor, Lord Jonathan Sachs who held the position for 22 years.  A ceremony was held to celebrate his appointment at the St. John’s Wood Synagogue.  Prince Charles attended the celebration.  Rabbi Ephraim Miurvis has been the Rabbi at another synague in north London, and before that he was the Chief Rabbi of Ireland. Rabbi Mirvis originally comes from South Africa. 


Rabbi Mirvis has a mission to unite all Jews in England and Wales.  He represents the United Synagogue and is an Orthodox Jew.  He hopes to emphasize to all prayer participants of the commonality of our ancestry.  The Rabbi has always been highly praised for his work and faith in his people.


During WWII years, from 1937 until the year, 1959, Rabbi HaLevi Herzog was the appointed Rabbi of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.  His friendship with Pope Pius XII helped to save many Jewish men, women, and children from the tragic death of the Holocaust.  The Pope supported the international rationale to save as many Jews as possible during the war.  Rabbi Herzog had an undying faith in his people and did his very best to influence leaders and clergy around the world to save the Jewish people.


Let us pray for the New Year that the new Chief Rabbi will accomplish his many missions.  Let us pray for the souls of the innocent people who perished during WWII.  Let us hope that no other Rabbi in the world has to deal with a complexity and hatred as did the Rabbi, who was appointed during WWII.


Cheryl Freier is the author of The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems, The Day Of The Hidden Truth Poems, and another two novels which tell the story, the plight of a young family forced to flee to the safety of the woods in Slovakia in order to escape from the Nazis.



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