Look for Cheryl Freier’s books on the Nazi Holocaust in Slovakia

Posted by cheryl - June 16th, 2016

Books that tell stories of what happened in Nazi Slovakia are posted on Cheryl Freier’s website: www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com. Books may bd purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from Author House.


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During The Difficult Years–When The Nazis Had Taken Over Slovakia

Posted by cheryl - July 31st, 2015

Well-written Words Taken from Chapter 11 of The Novel, The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems
“My mother knew she had to do something to save me. She told Sam that he had to go to town to get me medicine. He asked, “Where do I go?” She said, “First you must sell my ring at Mr. Jable’s the jeweler. My mother tugged at Sam’s jacket. “He is the one who is secretly married to a Jew.” She breathed in heavily and said, “Do you remember…..?”


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