Justice Shall Prevail Even If War Crimes Are Over 70 Years

Posted by cheryl - September 8th, 2013

GraylingwebsiteCommentShould Crimes Against Humanity Go Unpunished Even After 70 Years Or More?

By Cheryl Freier, Author:  THE GRAYLING HIDDEN TRUTH POEMS (www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com)

Even though I answer this title question with 100 percent affirmation, I must explain why I have answered this way.  During WWII, women were recruited to be guards in the infamous concentration camps in Germany and in conquered countries.

The impact of the torture and degradation in these facilities is astounding.  It is astounding the harm one individual can inflict on another human being.  There is always the choice to do good and to do the right thing.  The women guards of concentration camps that have recently surfaced in the news had to have had severe emotional problems of their own in order to rationalize the wrong doings.  We know now that they were trained to punish and to punish severely even for the smallest infraction like hiding an extra piece of cake. 

At the time that WWII ended, there was complete chaos in Europe and, yes, a number of the guards were executed for their high crimes.  These women of question must have known how to escape from justice.  They could not erase, however, the vivid, pictures embedded in memories of the victims.  The crimes were committed and once they were committed, there was no rescinding them.  They should be held accountable for the shameful way they treated innocent people during WWII.

In this season of holidays and redemption, I must mention that history has proven that many people caught in the throes of the war helped victims to escape; helped victims to survive.  We must all follow the examples of those who did good to help another person to survive.  We must have more understanding and thoughts of good deeds for other persons—-this is part of the powerful, poignant issue of Redemption.  We must always strive for justice and strive to do the right thing. 

Wishing you peace of mind for the coming years and years to come, I am the author of THE GRAYLING HIDDEN TRUTH POEMS, which is a story about a young family who survived the war.  They survived because they were helped by good people.



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