The Beginnings Of Urban Planning Happened First In England During The 1880’s: It Was A Deritive Of Overcrowding And Impoverished Conditions By Cheryl Freier, author of The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems, And Other Novels And Storybooks

Posted by cheryl - February 28th, 2014

The Beginnings Of Urban Planning Happened First In England During The 1880’s

Written by Cheryl Freier, author of The Day Of The Hidden Truth Poems, and Blossoms Around The Circles Hidden Truth Poems


What started out to be a most difficult situation of overcrowding and worn slums in theLondonCity, became a dedicated cause of one man who wrought about changes unheard of before.  Ebenezer Howard was so shockingly appalled at the overcrowding and the way people lived in the slums—-more than one family in one room, disease-ridden hostels, rats infesting the tenements, no running water—just to mention a few of the many hardships that the poor and the downtrodden, and forgotten people faced. 


Ebenezer Howard professed that the poor be helped to live outside the cities in garden cities where the air was fresh and their children could run around outside freely.  He wanted people to own their own homes. 


The mindset was switched from cities and pollution of the Victorian London to individual pride in ownership, renewal, environmental control, and community spirit.  As the article in the December 2011 edition of the National Geographic explained:  the first such ‘garden city’ was built 1907 in Letchworth.  Ebenezer proudly boasted that this was the beginning of a developing urban utopia that would take hold throughout the world. 


The town ofMicholovcewas well-designed and a vital part of the Judaic history of the Slovakian area.  World War II destroyed the city’s beauty and left the people who survived a monumental task to rebuild.  People did survive.  They cleaned the articles of war off of the streets.  They rebuilt their synagogues and churches.  They began life anew.  It was the spirit of the Bible that helped many to have the courage to rebuild.  Read The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems and other novels written by Cheryl Freier to get an understanding of these times and the hardships that people overcame.



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