IN COMMEMORATION OF A VALUABLE PIECE OF SOIL By Cheryl Freier author of The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems and The Wild Grasses Hidden Truth Poems (Both novels on a family forced to flee to the woods of Slovakia to escape the onslaught of the Nazis)

Posted by cheryl - December 2nd, 2013

Pictured beneathe the caption (on Yahoo.com) are people who have come to honor those who gave their lives for the freedom of the world during WWI.  The caption of the article reads:  “World War I battlefield soil arrives in London”.

Having married a man with whom I shared a life with for 40 years, who truly was a man of wonder in many ways.  The quality of his thinking about what is the right thing to do and his empathy for others were the highlights of his thoughts.  I shall miss him always. 

In reverence to his memory and to his ability to overcome the hate and persecution which he was exposed to unfairly as a young boy, I have written a series of four books in memoriam of him, Martin Freier;  the books contain some of the music which he wrote, and contains many of the poetry that he wrote. 

I pray for peace in the world and peace in our hearts and souls.  I am grateful to see a project of this enormity which collected the soil from 70 nations to display the soil as symbols for freedom to perpetuity in a memorial garden in England. 

I wish you all happy holidays and peace and perpetuity for all righteous thoughts.  Cheryl Freierf


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The Rivers Of Freedom Within Our Thoughts And Filled With Our Spirits By Cheryl Freier

Posted by cheryl - November 24th, 2013

The Rivers Of Freedom Within Our Thoughts

By Cheryl Freier

                Recently, I came across an article on the discovery in Kenya of an underground river.  The concept of a flowing river under the ground intrigued me, and I wanted to learn more about it.  The river water would have to have rocks made of porous contents so that the water could flow freely.

            The geological phenomenon which allows water to flow swiftly through rocks is called an aquifer.  An aquifer has to have basic qualities of being porous and permeable.  There are rocks which fit this definition:  volcanic rocks which are fractured such as sandstone, limestone which has been fractured, and sand and gravel which has never consolidated.  (Yahoo.com)

            Nature is so unique that in order for a river to flow under the ground, it must have these specially categorized rocks.  I am switching gears in my mind and thinking of a ‘river’ in a metaphorical way.  Did you ever think of a ‘river’ within you, a driver, but a force for doing only good deeds?  Yes, there are ‘rivers’ within us all. 

            Joseph Freier was the father of a young, beautiful family in the book:  The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems, who had thoughts ‘gushing’ within him about saving his family from the throes of the Nazi’s whose army had occupied Slovakia.  Read the book for reading enjoyment and, also, to familiarize yourself with the concept of a ‘river within striving for a good purpose’.

            Cheryl Freier is the author of The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems and The Wild Grasses Hidden Truth Poems, both books and other novels written by Cheryl Freier are listed on Amazon.com.  On this festive holiday of Thanksgiving, let us sing praises for the people in this country and in the world who live in peace.  On this Thanksgiving holiday, let us remember that in 1620 a group of people came by ship to this country, seeking religious freedom, and this historical occasion is the reason for our festive holiday.   Amen.



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