Would They Live Or Die In Auchwitz–This Was The Quiestion. Cheryl Freier wrote in the book about her husband, Martin Freier and his family

Posted by cheryl - August 30th, 2015

Joseph And His Family Knew That The End Was Near When They Were Crammed Into the Boxcar
On page 49, the reader is presented with Joseph Freier’s thoughts: “Joseph and his family had been put into one of the end cars, by chance; they stood in the middle of the car, holding each other’s hands and closing their eyes. They were convinced that this was the end for them. In the train were a few remaining members, close members of Joseph Freier’s family; but in this train there were over 32 members of Anna’s family, sisters, and their families, and her father. They all waited in anticipation for the sound of the wheels to start.


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