Posted by cheryl - January 21st, 2015

Who Is Really the Winner of a Daring Dive Off the Coast Of Portugal?
Written by Cheryl Freier, author/illustrator
Once a year, a group of the world’s best divers compete in the Red Bull competition in Portugal. The divers live up to the challenge of jumping off a 95 foot cliff into the waters of the sea. It is a breathtaking experience for the few seconds that the diver is arched into shape and aims herself or himself to hit the water with the least resistance. The diver from the country of Columbia, Orlando Duque has won the vote of the judges and has placed first place for 9 years. In 2012 he placed second place.
There are moments in our lives that we perform to our utmost resilience and skills even though we do not face the challenge of jumping off a 95 foot cliff. Our victories are unseen, unmeasured, and there is very little reward for many times. The feat of overcoming the challenge does not go unnoticed by G-d, however, for he is the final judge. Joseph Freier faced many threatening challenges for survival during WWII and he lived up to the challenges and survived. His prize was survival and the prize was more valuable than other prize.
Read author Cheryl Freier’s first book on the story of Joseph Freier in WWII, The Grayling: Hidden Truth Poems, and read her other novels written in memoriam of her husband, Martin Freier, who was Joseph Freier’s son. Read her fifth novel, which is just being presented to the public this month and the name of the book is Echoes Resounding from the Past: Hidden Truth Poems. (information obtained from National Geographic, March, 2014.)


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