Speaking About Beets And Their Meaningfulness To Our Vitality And Speaking About Our Spirituality When Reading Echoes Resounding From the Past Hidden Truith Poems

Posted by cheryl - February 6th, 2015

The Beet And Its Proteins Helps To Revive And Renew The Cells In Our Bodies And Reading The Novel, Echoes Resounding From The Past Helps To Renew The Vitality Of Our Spirituality
Written by Cheryl Freier-author-illustrator
The latest food to be recognized as a food containing powerful proteins is the beet, or otherwise called the beet root. Plants have long been recognized for their minerals and vitamins and now there is the recognition of the importance of their proteins. The beet is able to produce hemoglobin, which is a protein that is useful in the blood of all vertebrates. Hemoglobin is important, because it carries oxygen and other essential gases throughout the body.
Knowing about plants and their hidden truth ingredients helps to understand the mysteries of the proteins in the beet. Read Cheryl Freier’s new novel, Echoes Resounding From The Past: Hidden Truth Poems. It is written as historical fiction, but is, nevertheless, based upon a true-life story, but the uniqueness of this novel is that the idea of the Nazis and the havoc that they wreaked all over the lands and waters of Europe and Asia is that many central ideas are written in the stylistic element of the fantastic; we go beyond the realm of the nascent truth in our reading to a truth that lies beyond the thinking or all of us into the land, and the skies, and the seas, and the mountains of the fantastic. We survive and are renewed. Cheryl Freier is the author of five novels and the author and illustrator of storybooks. Her website is www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com.


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