Feel The Plight of the Innocent People in Nazi Slovakia by Cheryl Freier

Posted by cheryl - July 9th, 2016

From the powerful novel on the Holocaust in Nazi Slovakia, Echoes Resounding from the Past, comes a passage that brings one back to the days of the raging war, “There were five other families that were collected from their homes and deposited into the back of the van-sized vehicle. The ominous was apparent to all though no one dare mention the truth of their plight as the doors slammed tight and were and were locked solidly.


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….And They Found Quince Fruit Growing On The Trees In The Middle Or Woods In The Tatras When They Escaped From The Nazis

Posted by cheryl - September 27th, 2015

They crawled for miles and miles on the soft sandy-like soil of the forests in the Tatra Mountains. Joseph was the first to pop his head up and then with stiff knees and he pushed himself up by pulling up one leg at a time. He held Anna’s hand and helped his wife up. Then he told the children to rise. As he looked around at their surroundings, he realized that there was a patch of quince trees to their left. …….Read the amazing and thrilling story of the Freier family’s escape from the Nazis in Nazi Slovakia.


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There Were Many Killed And There Were So Few Survivers By Cheryl Freier author/illustrator

Posted by cheryl - June 23rd, 2014

There Were Many Killed And There Were Few Survivors By Cheryl Freier, author/illustrator
It is good to note that the story of Anne Frank will be part of another movie production. Her story should be told. There are other stories that should be told too. I wrote the book: The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems in memoriam of my husband, Martin Freier, who as a young boy caught in the throes of the Nazi Holocaust leadership, escaped to the woods near the Carpathian Mountains. Under the direction of their father, Martin and his brothers built an underground bunker. Read this epic novel—written to speak of goodness, and devotion, and never ending faith. See how evil looms around the family. As you read, become the character, Martin Freier, and overcome the fear of dying and fight the evil of the Nazis with wit and determination. Maybe in time Martin Freier’s story of intrigue and faith will be shown in the theatres for all to see and learn about.


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