Why Japan’s Navy Lost Their Naval Superiority

Posted by cheryl - June 11th, 2015

Why the Japanese Navy Lost Their Winning Edge on the Sea in WWII
Information about the Japanese Battleship the Yamato
The Japanese during WWII built their naval ships with pride and glory for their country. The Yamato and the Musashi, the Yamato’s sister ship were commissioned with pride. These two ships were particularly designed to win naval battles against innumerable odds. These ships were armed with superior armaments to withstand naval attacks by the Americans.
Japan’s Balance of Naval Power Wanes in 1944
The Americans regained their naval superiority over the Japanese in 1944. By the year 1945, many of Japan’s ships were sunk and the country did not possess the industrial power to produce new ships. Shortages of fuel also plagued the Japanese Navy. The Japanese Navy was a far cry from the naval superiority they gained after they bombed Pearl Harbor.
The End of the Yamato
Knowing it was futile to win against the American Naval superiority, the Japanese Naval Command dispatched orders for the Yamato to sale to Okinawa. The Yamato had orders to defend the island to its end. That is exactly what happened. The Americans seized the opportunity to send bombers from one of their carriers. The Americans sent torpedo bombers to sink the Yamato. The Americans succeeded. It was an end to the era of the Japanese pride in their naval abilities and achievements during to the war.


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