The Miracle Of The Discovery Of Previous Artifacts near the Temple Mount

Posted by cheryl - September 11th, 2013

The Miracle Discovery Of Precious Artifacts Near The Temple Mount
The Significance Of The Findings In This Age And Time
By Cheryl Freier
On Yahoo, an explanation was given and pictures shown of gold and silver objects that were recently found, excavated yards away from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Of particular note was the old medallion necklace, which depicted in its very center an engraving of a menorah with seven branches and the stem of the precious religious article resting on three legs. On its left side appeared to be an engraving of a depiction of the top of the mountain of the Temple Mount where the magnificent Temple of Solomon once stood. On top of this mount was a depiction of a ram’s horn. On the right side of the coin on the lower half was a depiction of a King’s crown with a scepter which was discernible underneath.
What would be the significance of this discovery of ancient artifacts. The number one significance would be the verification that Jewish people migrated back and forth to Israel during the centuries, explaining the endless time limit of yearning to come back to their promised land in Israel. This cache of treasures was stored for the renewal of the religion not in countries all over the world that we as a people wandered to, but to renew our religion and our spirit for the religion on our Holy home ground of Israel at a time of G-d had chosen.
During WWII, the reality of the virtual extermination of all Jewry in Europe was real. And Hitler was relentless and brutal in this quest. This discovery is our affirmation from G-d that we are a good people and are worthy to live in the land of Israel and that this time we can remain throughout the ages.
Let us pray for our worthiness to continue to remain in the graces of G-d. Cheryl Freier, who wrote this blog is the author of four novels: The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems, The Wild Grasses Hidden Truth Poems, Blossoms Around the Circles Hidden Truth Poems, and The Day Of The Hidden Truth Poems. The novels are written in memoriam of her husband, Martin Freier, who was a Holocaust survivor.


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