Author House Hollywood Treatment Screenplay for the Novel The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems by Cheryl Freier

Posted by cheryl - May 8th, 2016

Author House Hollywood Treatment Screenplay The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems by Cheryl Freier Page Four
leave the dead Jews there to rot. Joseph and his family, paralyzed with fear, remain crouched in the bushes for hours. When it’s safe, Joseph ushers the family ever deeper into the forest until, just before dawn, they reach a cave in the foothills of a mountain near a small stream. Henry fills their canteens with fresh water. Anna and Edith gather wild mushrooms while Joseph and the boys clear the cave for a shelter. As they sit down to dine on cheese, crackers and wild mushrooms, Joseph says that all they need is a pot of coffee and they will be set. Anna chuckles. It is contagious and soon they are all laughing.
Joseph and Sam set out early the next morning. They head for a spot in the woods where the men or Joseph’s former lumber company will be cutting down trees. They hide in the woods and await Frank’s arrival. On Joseph’s signal, he and Sam ambush Frank before he is see by the men. They cover his mouth and drag him to nearby cover. Frank tries to resist but eventually recognizes Joseph. Joseph divulges the story of their flight and offers to pay Frank to bring food and supplies to his family periodically. Frank warns that they could be in the forest for onths, even years. Sam quips that it beats being dead. Frank nods solemnly and agrees to do what he can for them. Frank hugs both Sam and Joseph and tells them, “God be with you.”
April 1944 – Henry and Bernard crouch behind a fallen tre. Bernard has his hand over Henry’s mouth. They hear a loud snap. Releasing Henry, the boys leap over the tree and jump to the ground. “We did it,” shouts Bernard, raising a rabbit high over his head like a trophy. They race back to the cave where the boys proudly display their prey. Anna claps her hands and gives the boys a hug. She tells them this rabbit will make a fine stew. Sam teases that it is too small and scrawny. Anna chastises him and sends him to the clearing to see if Frank dropped of any potatoes to add to their rabbit stew.
Detouring from his usual route, Sam picks up a jagged rock and marks or trees as he goes. The sound of rushing water is barely audible. As he ventures, he finds a small waterfall that pours into a lake. Sam slurps up handfuls of the fresh water. He freezes as a high-pitched tone greets his ears. A young woman, SARAH (16), glides over the surface of the water singing the same tune over and over. Mesmerized, Sam watches her drift to the bank. Confidently, the young woman emerges from the water, fully clothed. She lifts the hems of her long skirt and wrings them out. Her wet blouse clings to her body.
Sam calls out to her and waves his hands in 5the air. She turns to him with fear and consternation and calls back, “Who are you?” Sam stutters another hello. Sarah tells him to not to come y closer, she is not alone. Sam raises his hands in the air as if he is surrendering. He confesses that he and his family are hiding from the Nazis in the woods. “Then you must be a Jew?” she stammers. Same is hesitant. “Well, answer




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