Read Good Reads Selection, the Echoes Resounding From The Past Hidden Truth Poems, written by Cheryl Freier in Memoriam of Martin Freier who was a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust

Posted by cheryl - July 4th, 2015

Read Goods Reads Website For The Selection of The Book Echoes Resounding From The Past Hidden Truth Poems
For a memorable reading experience, read the book suggested on Good Reads website, Echoes Resounding From The Past Hidden Truth Poems, which is written by Cheryl Freier. The echoes are resounding loud and clear in the book about the historical actions in wars and the facts about the truth. The echoes resound about the essential concepts of truth. All men and women should learn the truths about what happened in Slovakia during WWII. In this book there is the story about four brothers. They were alone and hidden in a secret room that was built in the back of barn on a farm in a nearby town, near to Micholovce, Slovakia. It was not safe for them to stay at the farm. They hid in the woods. They were crossing a field one day when they saw an army of Nazis soldiers in the distance. They did not run. They quickly devised a makeshift ball and they throw the ball to each other while the Nazi soldiers passed them by in the distance. Somewhere at the very end of the line of soldiers, one of the soldiers called out, “Those four boys could be Jews”. An officer nearby to him called out to him, “If they were Jews, they would never be out in the open field and paying ball with each other”. The Nazi soldiers passed. The boys, the sons of Joseph Freier stopped playing ball and went on their way. They survived the war. For a memorable and everlasting reading experience, read the book, Echoes Resounding from The Past Hidden Truth Poems. Look into the website of author Cheryl Freier, www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com and choose to read one of the other books. The first book of the series is The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems. The grayling fish was the fish that they caught and ate when they escaped to the woods in 1944. The grayling fish swims closer to the surface of the water and is easier to catch than other fish. However, after the grayling fish is caught, it fights harder to survive than any other fish. Read author Cheryl Freier’s novels, which are written about her husband, Martin Freier, when he was a young boy in Nazi Slovakia. She has presented his poems that he wrote about his thoughts on the war and on his reflections about life in the book, The Day of the Hidden Truth Poems. The Day of the Hidden Truth Poems is the fourth book that she published.


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