Page 9 and last page of the Hollywood Treatment Screenplay for the novel on the Holocaust, The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems

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Hollywood Treatment Screenplay Page 9 The Grayling Original date: 3-9-2012
Author House Hollywood Treatment 5-15-2016
knows where this is going and tells him that he can’t leave them. It kills Joseph to admit it but he knows Sam must go. The family gathers whatever provisions they can and pack them for Sam. When the time comes for goodbyes, the feeling pervades tat this may be the last time they see their son and brother. Anna and Edith weep as Sam adventures into the forest.
May, 1945 – Joseph, Ana and the children somberly carry out their chores. Martin begs his parents to let him go and search ro4 Sam. Anna tells him that she will not risk losing another son. Before Martin can plead is cas, Frank steps into the clearning carrying a rifle. Frank and Josep loock eyes, unmoving, for a long tense moment. “Something ‘s wrong,” Anna whispers at this side. Frank glances around the clearing and walks slowly to Josep and amnna. “It’s over,” he tellw them. Disbelief clouds Joseph and Anna’s epressions. A slow smle from Frank lets them know that it’s true. Their joy fades as quickly as it came on as they remember Sam.
“Sam went looking for you,” Anna tells him. “Over a month ago now. When he couldn’t find you, we feared the worst.” Frank grins, “He did find me.” Anna and Joseph are confused. Frank says that it just took him a little lone than planned. Frank lets out a shrill whistle, drawing Sam out from behind a thick tree. “I had to make sure you weren’t the only ones out here who did not know that the war is over,” Frank smiles at her. Anna runs to Sam and wraps her arms tightly around hm. Sam’s siblings rush to welcome him home w2ith tears of joy.
Joseph offers Frank his hands and says that there is no way that he can ever repay him for everything he has done for the family throughout the war. Frank tells Joseph that I he takes his damn lumber business off o his hands, they can call it even.


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