Hopefully We Will Always Have Pristine Waters In Our World Writte by Cheryl Freier author/illustrator

Posted by cheryl - January 20th, 2015

Thankfully, There Is Always Survival When The Food Chains In The Waters Of The Earth Are Intact
Written by Cheryl Freier (author/illustrator)
When one thinks of waters, one always wants to think about pure and pristine waters. Such were the waters that Joseph Freier and his family found in the woods near the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia during WWII. The waters of the lake sustained their thirst and provided the bountiful sustenance of the grayling fish, which they ate to their heart’s delight.
As there is concern today about the melting of ice and the rising waters of the earth, there was an interesting article about an expedition on the ship Polaris. The heading of this expedition was for the large and far-off archipelago around Franz Josef Land, which comprises some 192 islands. Scientists aboard the ship tested the waters for the complexities of the copepods; these are minute crustaceans, which nevertheless have a direct affect upon the food chains in the Arctic Ocean.
Cheryl Freier is the author of a new novel, which is entitled: Echoes Resounding From The Past: Hidden truth Poems. Read for your reading pleasure; read for your sense of adventure. Read to see the connections from the past to the present. Cheryl Freier’s website is www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com and a second website in which she posts blogs is www.cherylfreiersite.wordpress.com. (source for information on the Franz Josef Land is the National Geographic The First Stonehenge, August, 2014.)


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