Read Cheryl Freier’s Captivating Novel on the Holocaust, The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems

Posted by cheryl - August 26th, 2015

Fine tune your reading to include Cheryl Freier’s novels on the holocaust.
Cheryl Freier’s novels on the Holocaust are rich with feelings, and momentum, and reactions to the Nazi occupation of Slovakia. From page 123, it reads, “Anna swept her feet across the hardened ground, crying, as she said in a garbled, anxious voice, and she held out her hands, ‘come and have some hot coffee to the three men.’ All three nodded their heads in an upward motion, and they sat down with somber expressions on their faces at the wooden kitchen table”. Passage is taken from the novel, The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems. See the website: www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com.


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The People In Nazi Slovakia Resisted The Nazis. Read Martin Freier’s Powerful Story of Survival

Posted by cheryl - July 27th, 2015

Martin Freier was a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust in Slovakia. Read Martin’s thoughtful, and reflective, and powerful poems in his book of poetry, The Day Of The Hidden Truth Poems. Each poem has a special energy of its own.


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