A Special Christmas in Slovakia

Posted by cheryl - June 13th, 2017

During World War II, a young family in Slovakia, the Freier family stood up to the challenge of surviving the Nazis.  There were many escapes and they were all miracles.  In the last year of the war, the family hid in a bunker that was built under the ground in the woods of the Tatra Mountains.  One of the novels, Anna’s Christmas, is the story of how the family survived in the harsh winter of 1944 and about how they received the gift of food on the night before Christmas.  All of the books are engaging, moving, and most powerful.  All of the novels make excellent reading for young adult readers and for older adults as well. Author House sponsors the books, and you may find them also on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and you may order the books on author Cheryl Freier’s website:  www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com, or order from the local library.  Cheryl Freier


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