Author House Hollywood Treatment Page Five The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems Written by Cheryl Freier

Posted by cheryl - May 9th, 2016

Author House Hollywood Treatment Screenplay The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems
Page 5 Date Composed: 3-9-12
me,” she demands. “Yes, I am a Jew,” he says with conviction. “Well, so am I,” she says proudly. They pause, gazing at each other for a moment and then share a smile. She tells Sam she must go. He watches, until she is out of sight.
Sam rushes to the clearing and gathers a hefty burlap sack left by Frank. He races home retracing his steps, ensuring that he will be able to find his way back to the lake. As Sam enters the cave, Joseph asks where he has been. Sam tells him that he has been exploring. Joseph clearly doesn’t approve. Sam assures him that he need not worry. Joseph has taught him well. Anna glances at Sam, a knowing look on her face.
The next morning, Sam eats quickly and tells his family that he is off to fish. Joseph suggdsts he take the boys along, but Sam protests that they will slow him down. As the hours roll by at the lake, Sam keeps a hopeful eye out for Sarah. Near dark, he rises dejectedly and starts to leave until he hears Sarah singing, nearby. He follows the voice. “I thought you wouldn’t come,” he startles her, standing on the shore. Sarah composes herself and gives him a smile. She tells him she cannot stay. Sam takes her hand and asks her name. She tells him that it’s Sarah and that, yes, she will be there again tomorrow.
The next week Sam rises and readies his fishing gear. He tells Anna that he will be gone most of the day. She begins to question him about going fishing every day for two weeks, but his eyes plead with her not to make him answer. He kisses her cheek and departs.
Sam gathers wildflowers as he makes his way to Sarah. Sam sneaks up on her at the lake and puts a hand on her shoulder. She gasps and spins to find him smiling at het. He warns her to be more careful; what if he was a Nazi soldier? Sarah laughs off the thought and asks if the flowers are for her. He sheepishly hands them over. Sam and Sarah spend the afternoon chatting about their lies before the Nazis arrived, Sam learns that Sarah comes from a wealthy family and that she cannot wait to return to her home after the war. Sam asks how she knows that her house will even be there. She assures him it will. The sky turns gray, and Sam tells her that he must go before the rain comes. She invites him to come with her to her hideout.
Sam and Sarah climb a steep hill, past dozens or deeply set pine trees. There, in the thick brush, is a large, wooden house with hand carved shutters and thick chiseled planks for its front door. As they reach the house, Sarah’s sister, MOLLY (12), runs out to greet them. Sarah’s father, ONAH (50), and mother RACHEL (35), welcome them in. They enter a spacious living room filled with ample wooden chairs, each with hand-sewn quilts on top of them. There are lace curtains and fine china on the dining table. “So is Sarah’s friend?” Jonah grins. He tells Sam that he must stay


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