Some Information On The Discovery Of Insulin As A Treatment For Diabetes By Cheryl Freier

Posted by cheryl - May 6th, 2014

                Some Information On The Discovery Of Insulin As a Treatment For Diabetes  Written by Cheryl Freier, author of The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems

The vast majority of our adult population remembers the living nightmare that the fear of catching polio was. Thankfully, two bright doctors, Dr. Salk and Dr. Sabin discovered cures.  No child has to suffer the debilitating, crippling effects of polio any longer.

Before the discovery of polio as a disease, the nightmare killer disease for children as well as for adults was diabetes.  People had been dying of diabetes for centuries, and the discovery of insulin as a means of regulating the blood sugar levels in the body was finally discovered in 1923.  In 1923 the Nobel Prize was awarded to Dr. Banting and Dr. Macleod for the discovery of how to extract the hormone insulin from the Islets of Langerhans.   The hormone treatment was then used for insulin injections and saved hundreds and thousands of lives. 

My husband must have had diabetes before the onset of cancer of the pancreas—most likely.  I am committed to many causes:  first is the memory of my husband and the goodness and honesty that he stood for.  Read my books which are written as a memoriam to him, Martin Freier.  The first book written was The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems.  All of my books can be purchased from the publisher, Author House, or Amazon.com, or Barnes & Noble.  Thank you.


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