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Anna’s Christmas Hidden Truth Poems bcy Cheryl Freier is a story that is powerful, full of poignant issues, and filled with predicaments that Anna and her family face while the Nazis occupy their country, Slovakia. Become Anna and vicariously try to live the role! The novel takes place at Christmastime in the deep woods in the Tatra Mountains. The family is saved from starvation when a local Priest sends village people to bring food to the people hiding in the woods. This story which takes place during the war heightens the feelings of brotherly love towards one human being by another. A must read for young adults and for adults as well.


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From the Novel Anna’s Christmas Hidden Truth Poems Written By Cheryl Freier

Posted by cheryl - October 20th, 2015

Anna’s Christmas Hidden Truth Poems written by Cheryl Freier is truly a unique and sensational novel: Anna Freier and her family are hiding in the woods in the time when the Nazis took over Slovakia. Her family is saved from hunger on Christmas Eve. A local Priest has organized his congregants to deliver food to people who are starving in the woods. This is truly a powerful book, which is inspiring of hope, love, and brotherhood in the midst of a horrific war. Read the book for a sensational reading experience.


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Read Cheryl Freier’s Captivating Novel on the Holocaust, The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems

Posted by cheryl - August 26th, 2015

Fine tune your reading to include Cheryl Freier’s novels on the holocaust.
Cheryl Freier’s novels on the Holocaust are rich with feelings, and momentum, and reactions to the Nazi occupation of Slovakia. From page 123, it reads, “Anna swept her feet across the hardened ground, crying, as she said in a garbled, anxious voice, and she held out her hands, ‘come and have some hot coffee to the three men.’ All three nodded their heads in an upward motion, and they sat down with somber expressions on their faces at the wooden kitchen table”. Passage is taken from the novel, The Grayling Hidden Truth Poems. See the website: www.thegraylinghiddentruthpoems.com.


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