….And They Found Quince Fruit Growing On The Trees In The Middle Or Woods In The Tatras When They Escaped From The Nazis

Posted by cheryl - September 27th, 2015

They crawled for miles and miles on the soft sandy-like soil of the forests in the Tatra Mountains. Joseph was the first to pop his head up and then with stiff knees and he pushed himself up by pulling up one leg at a time. He held Anna’s hand and helped his wife up. Then he told the children to rise. As he looked around at their surroundings, he realized that there was a patch of quince trees to their left. …….Read the amazing and thrilling story of the Freier family’s escape from the Nazis in Nazi Slovakia.


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This Is A Small World: There Is Sameness Everywhere

Posted by cheryl - January 21st, 2015

The Sameness of So Many Areas Surprises Me Every Time
Written by Cheryl Freier
I came across a captivating picture of two horses while reading a magazine. As I grew up on a farm, I was always entranced with the wonder of the beauty and simplicity of some of the domesticated animals. The picture of a graceful bay horse, shaking its mane, and hoofing his front legs into the sand in the front of himself has remained with me for many, many years. But this picture of two white horse–both with a sheen of gold along their bodies, with golden tails in full-length—just about reaching the floor, with shimmering golden-colored manes, which flow with the winds and fly high like the wings of angels, is particularly captivating to me. Why? Because the horses can be anywhere—in any country in the world and the scenery in which they are traveling could be a scene in the open fields of North Dakota, or Idaho, or any other state where the land is pristine pure and undeveloped for miles and miles. The picture of these two horses was taken in the Krug Mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Joseph Freier and his family escaped the Nazi Holocaust by escaping to the woods and then traveling through the Tatra Mountains. The scenery to them as my mother-in-law expressed to me, “was a scene from Heaven and so pure and peaceful”. Although there were no beautiful horses to be seen at the time, the area was, nevertheless, teaming with natural wildlife and that added to the beauty of the mountains in Slovakia. Read my latest book. It is available to the public. It is called: Echoes Resounding from the Past: Hidden Truth Poems. You will find the reading experience a very moving experience. Read my other novels, too. (article taken from: National Geographic, March 2014.)


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