Author House Hollywood Treatment Screenplay the Grayling Hidden Trith Poems by Cheryl Freier

Posted by cheryl - May 7th, 2016

Author House Hollywood Treatment Date: 3-9-12
Third Page
After dark, Frank and Joseph drive the back roads to the Freier’s deserted home. Frank watches as Joseph carefully counts his steps, then drops to the ground and starts digging with his hands. Together, they unearth a tin box. Joseph gives three hundred dollars to Frank and takes two hundred for himself. He buries the box again. Frank drives Joseph to a clearing in the woods. Joseph kisses Frank’s hand in appreciation before he heads back into the woods to rejoin his family. From his lookout, Sam spies Joseph approaching and runs to him, nearly knocking him over as they embrace. As Joseph enters, the relief the family feels at his return is palpable. He tells them they are going home. Anna is hesitant, but he tells her that they are safe from the Nazis, for now. Joseph discloses his encounter with Frank and the deal jade with Benjamin. At nightfall, the family journeys home.
Once Joseph and Sam ensure that it’s safe, the Freier family enters their home where they enjoy a meal together and wash up before retiring for the night. The following evening, Joseph and Sam venture out. The neighborhood at first seems untouched by the war, but the silence is foreboding. Broken glass and abandoned suitcases litter the streets. They make their way to Frank’s house, this time entering through the front door. Frank tells them that Benjamin has arranged for his family to stay, but Joseph must sign over his lumber business to Frank and become his foreman. He explains that they may remain with special permission from the Nazis because their business has been designated as needed for the German cause. With doleful obedience, Joseph concedes and thanks Frank for all he has done for his family.
October 1943 – Anna is preparing a meal, Edith reads a book and the boys are gathered around a chess board. Joseph frantically enters the house. He tells his family that the Germans are returning and this time they intend to take all the Jews away on a train. He peels back the wallpaper of the living room wall and removes a stack of money. Edith begins to cry and asks Joseph where they will go. He tells her that they will cross the border and board a rain for Switzerland. He has arranged for a guide to lead them to safety.
After dark, Joseph’s hired GUIDE (35) leads the family deep into the woods. Sirens scream in the distance. Their guide emits a warning call like the chirp o a bird. Joseph whispers that everyone needs to crawl on their bellies from this point on. They crawl for miles until Anna cries out that she can go no further. The guide is alarmed by something in the forest and he orders the family to take cover.
Another family emerges from the darkness. The Freier’s guide approaches the man leading them. The men get into a heated conversation. The man speaking with the Freier’s guide whistles loudly and ducks for cover. From their hiding place, the Freier’s watch in horror as a dozen Nazi SOLDIERS appear out of the forest. They brutally gun down the unsuspecting family. A gravelly voice orders the soldiers to




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