Taking Control Of Improving Grains So That There Is More Food In The World Written By Cheryl Freier – author-illustrator-ghost writer

Posted by cheryl - February 1st, 2015

Creating New Grains and Solving The World Hunger Problem At The Same Time
Written By Cheryl Freier, author and illustrator
Kansas is not only the story of the whirlwind witches flying through the air, but it is the home base for some very significant experiments being done at the Kansas State University on propagation of wheat products that are more resistant to insects and are overall much healthier to eat. There is a wheat bank at the university and plant pathologists are actively working on the genetic alteration of goat grass, which is considered to be a genetic treasure. Scientists know that about 8,000 years ago that the goat grass pollinated by itself with a second wheat and as a result the seed of this new wheat spread to the entire world. It is fascinating to know that this happened 8,000 years ago and that the goat grass has survived to the present time. It is fabulous to know that such cross-pollination experiments are going on and that the results will be more food for the populations of the world. (courtesy of article in The National Geographic, October 2014 edition).
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